Mercy on Earth is an International Humanitarian Organization based in Paris, France; which has been established on July 31, 2020. The object of the organization is to help the poor and disadvantaged people of Bangladesh who are deprived of their basic needs; like food, clothes, education, shelter, health and so forth. The organization will endeavor its best to ensure the basic needs of disadvantaged people throughout the country utilizing the fund it collects. MoE is the equal distributor of resources to the people in need irrespective of their caste, creed, complexion and more.

The objectives of the organization are summarized by five categories.

  1. Eradication of poverty
  2. Enforcement of Rights of Children
  3. Establishment of Old Care Home
  4. Ascertainment of health security
  5. Ascertainment of equality and liberty of woman

Areas of working

  1. Education
  2. Food
  3. Shelter
  4. Wash
  5. Rights of Children 
  6. Education

Mercy on Earth [MoE] is committed to ensuring education facilities for the dropped out and disadvantaged students in Bangladesh. We are set to invite the donor to donate to our project for the project implementation in general or to take responsibility of one or two students according to the donor’s choice in special cases if the donor chooses.

Bangladesh is a poor country in South Asia with small land but with a huge population. Millions of poor children in rural areas cannot go to school either because their parents are so poor that they depend on the earnings of the children; hence they force the children either to beg on street or to work in restaurants, workshops, or houses or because they send their children to govt. primary school but get dropped out in high school for lack of expenses or any other causes of similar nature. 

Therefore, we are targeting the ones who cannot go to school for family causes or lack of expenses or lack of awareness. Like poor children in villages or Street children in city or rootless children throughout the country.

As part of implementation of the project, we have some visions on it. We will establish schools for poor people in rural areas or in city. Or we’ll pay the expenses of children who are admitted in particular schools or institutions or pay scholarship according to their needs.


In Bangladesh millions of people stay hungry often and they lack nutrition because of want of resources and of money. Many people in Bangladesh don’t get jobs or even if they get one but the remuneration is so less that they cannot afford foods regularly. And even if they can afford foods somehow they cannot afford medical treatment and other basic needs. So we are to make a sustainable means for them providing the means to earn the foods as required or providing the food items in need in the times of disasters like floods, river erosion or any other accidents or god’s acts. Hence, Mercy on Earth urges the donor to stand beside humanity to bring the smile on hungry people and all those are in need.

As part of food project, we will distribute foods among beggars and rootless children in rural areas and cities around the country.  And also we aim to distribute the foods among poor people or those who are in need in the time of disaster, drought, cyclone, floods or any other acts which bring crisis like Covid-19 and landslides, river erosion and so on.

In the implementation process, MoE might choose different options for betterment of the beneficiaries. It can provide the cash to the beneficiaries if it is the demand of time or it can distribute food materials to the needy in disasters or poor students or any disadvantaged sections of the society irrespective of their caste, creed and complexion. Sometimes it may choose to provide ready foods for instant consumption in order to ensure that no one goes hungry in the country.


Bangladesh has population of around 180 million in a very limited small territory. But a great number of inhabitants in Bangladesh have neither a small piece of land to cultivate nor an abode to stay. They live on footpaths or under open sky or even if they have a place to stay it’s so shabby that rain water comes down the house.

Moreover, there are some divorced women who can neither stay at their parents’ house nor own a house herself. And also there are thousands of old people neglected at their home or are abandoned from house. So, the donors are expected to be a part of this project to ensure that the disadvantaged people can sleep and stay happy.

As mentioned above, we are to prepare the shelter for the rootless, landless, homeless people either because of river erosion or landslides or rooted out from the property forcefully or by any natural cause or fire or floods, and so on. Also divorced woman, old people or whoever needs the shelter MoE will be there beside them.

Mercy on Earth [MoE] is to build the shelter for those who need the home in urgent basis or to arrange the shelter for some in temporary basis or in disaster prone area to establish shelter house for the time being.   


In rural areas of Bangladesh still there are people who lack both sanitation facilities and pure water according to their needs. Thus, they often get affected by various water bearing diseases. So, to protect them from water bearing diseases, sanitation facilities to be provided and deep tube well for pure water is also mandatory. Hence, MoE urges the donor to stand beside humanity to fulfill the basic needs of disadvantaged people.  

In fact, rural and coastal areas are the basic target of this section. Whereas People in remote rural areas, coastal areas and hilly areas don’t have that much sanitation facilities and they lack the facilities of sufficient pure water because of lack of sufficient deep tube wells. Hence to address the problems of the disadvantaged section of the rural and coastal areas and to facilitate them with sanitation facilities and pure water MoE is working at its best.

Therefore, MoE will be providing sanitation and hygiene facilities helping the people in need to build the sanitation and to make the tube wells where necessary for the disadvantaged people. Mercy on Earth Also will undertake to provide medication to patients of the water bearing diseases in the rural areas.

Rights of Children

Bangladesh is a country in the world where children are often tortured black and blue in the family or educational institutions especially in the Madrasah and village schools. And they are also abused mentally and physically by their relatives or teachers in the institution in abundance. Being harassed and abused the children become frustrated and lose the natural and divine approach in their normal life activities. Sometimes they become mentally sick and physiologically affected.

According to the state law, children are ones under the age of 18 years in Bangladesh. So, both male and female under 18 are treated children. And thus we will work to protect their interests and rights which enshrined from the international covenants on child rights and the constitution of the land.     

MoE is determined to protect the rights of children and to fight for the rights of the children in the fields and if necessary in the courts as well. Mercy on Earth has vision on it to secure the rights of children and to see them are respected, maintained and established throughout the country within 2030.

Furthermore, to perform the best; MoE is going to form a panel of intelligent lawyers to work on it throughout the year continuously and spontaneously. And the panel is to fight for the rights of children the way it is determined by the panel time to time. However, we do have an action plan for the protection of child rights and to uphold them.